Perfecting the Entry Level Resume

Writing an entry level resume can be challenging. Odds jobs worked during high school and college might not have any direct relation to the job you are applying for. However, without those, your resume would essentially just be your name and address. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to create the perfect entry level resume.

Write a strong summary

Open your CV with a short summary. It is the ideal way to attract the attention of a recruiter or employer.

Focus on the future in the summary and do not be too objective. In addition to your strengths and your added value, let your personality shine through in the summary.

Try to make the reader curious about the rest of your resume and motivation letter in 2 to 4 sentences.

Indicate courses from the last academic year

The last academic year is most relevant for the employer. So state on your CV the courses that you have followed, possibly with the achieved marks.

By showing the relevant theoretical knowledge you have, you show that you have potential. The more potential the employer sees, the more he/she is willing to invest in a new employee.

Separate mention of graduation internship/thesis

Your graduation internship or thesis is an important part of your resume because it is your personal work. It is something that you have chosen for yourself. Your thesis thus represents what you have studied for, where your interests lie and what you want to work with in the future.

Obviously, the internship or thesis must be in line with the position you are applying to.

Focus on competencies and skills

In the absence of work experience, it is advisable to focus on relevant competencies and skills.

Think of competencies and skills that you have developed during studying, participating in your hobbies, or performing additional activities. If you had to carry out a group assignment during your study, what role did you take? Were you someone who planned the meetings or did you fulfill the role as a leader right from the start?

Name all your computer skills

The computer skills of starters are generally good (read: better than most older employees in an organization).

Nowadays it is obvious for starters that you can deal with Excel, Word or other word processors. This does not mean, however, even if they are less important for the employer. So mention them!

Less is more

Many starters think that you make bigger impressions with two pages than with one, but that is certainly not true.

Due to the lack of work experience, however annoying that is, you will in many cases be less relevant than non-starters. If your CV is also unnecessarily long and not to the point, you increase the chances that recruiters will throw your CV in the trash before they have read everything.

So avoid losing the recruiter’s attention by not mentioning irrelevant information.

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