How Do You Make A Good Resume?

There are several factors that go into a good resume. But first, in order to have a good resume, you must understand what a resume will be used for. Knowing this, you can fine-tune yours to be exactly what any hiring manager is looking for. Below, we will discuss what makes a resume a good resume.

Short and Powerful

A good CV can make the difference between an invitation to a conversation and a standard letter with a rejection. So it is a powerful ‘weapon’ where you have to invest time. Your resume contains summarized information about yourself, so that others quickly get a picture of you.

Adjust your resume, depending on the the job you are applying for and keep it as short as possible. A resume is meant to be able to read quickly. Detailed information can be lost in the job interview. If it is important for the position you are applying for, you can also include this information in your application letter.

How do you make a complete CV? And what does a video CV mean?


A basic CV contains at least the following components:

Personal Information

Write your full name (first name + any other first names + last name), your address (street + house number, postcode + city), your phone number (on which you can best be reached), and your e-mail address.


Here you have to mention all the courses you have attended from primary school. Use the official names and abbreviations. Indicate for each degree program whether you have obtained a diploma or certificate and in which year it was. You can name courses or graduation subjects for the program. In addition to the courses, you can also mention all courses that you have followed under this heading. Do ask yourself whether these courses are interesting for the employer who will read the CV – you can always adjust this, per application.

Work Experience

Below you write down the companies where you have worked and the positions you have fulfilled there. Mention the dates, front / to, where you held each position. You can also mention unpaid work and internships here. It is important to write down your tasks and responsibilities, but keep it short. Emphasis mainly on work experiences that match the job you are applying for. Many employers like it when you describe your work experience in order, starting with your most recent position.


In this section, mention skills that can be useful for the job you are applying for. For example, blind types or control of administrative programs.

Hobbies And Sports

With this option section, you can describe how you spend your free time. That says something about your interests. This may or may not be directly related to the position you are applying for, but some employers like to see a list of hobbies. For example, some creative design positions like candidates who play music to further emphasize their creativeness. Applying for a sporting goods store, listing sports you play shows you aren’t just looking for a job, but have some interest that aligns with the position.

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