How To Structure Your Resume

A good CV is never more than 2 pages long. It consists of components such as personal data, education, courses and training, work experience, and other activities and interests.

How To Create A Video Resume

An error-free cover letter and a carefully prepared CV is the most effective way for applicants to try and convince their future employer with their talents. But nowadays you can only really stand out (in the positive sense!) to enter that dream job, with a video CV.

6 Tips To Improve Your Resume

The purpose of a resume is that the employer has a clear picture of your career at a glance. A curriculum vitae (cv) gives the following information to an upcoming employer:

Overview: What work experience and training you have.

Background: It shows where your interests lie and what your history is.

Proof: That you fit the function and meet the requirements.

Improving Your Resume

You have found your dream job. You already see yourself in it completely. Now you only have to ensure that you make an overwhelming impression on the company.

So a CV…What about that again?

Together with your cover letter, the CV is the first impression that you leave with your new employer.

How Do You Create A Resume?

You want to apply for an interesting job but you do not yet have a resume. Read how you make a good CV in a simple way!

First of all, it is important to know what exactly should be in a CV. That is why this is a good time to reflect on the essence of what a CV actually is.

Create A Perfect CV: Tips and Explanations

Creating a perfect resume is like creating an advertisement, and this advertisement should ensure that you are better a candidate on the market. To be able to make a perfect CV you need to know what the purpose of your CV is. The goal is to sell yourself to an HR employee or recruiter. You want to come to the table and your resume needs to take care of that. So take your resume seriously.

Resume Tips for Recent Graduates

You have just graduated, you are bursting with ambition and after all those years you can finally find a real full-time job. Enthusiastically, you can start the search, but after seeing a number of vacancies, courage drops you in the shoes. With each vacancy a minimum of one to three years of work experience is required.

Perfecting the Entry Level Resume

Writing an entry level resume can be challenging. Odds jobs worked during high school and college might not have any direct relation to the job you are applying for. However, without those, your resume would essentially just be your name and address. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to create the perfect entry level resume.